Eventually... Gold Medal Flour

We’re currently working on our business plan here and making pretty good progress.

In fact, I should be working on it now. But thought I’d give everyone a quick update.

I’ve got two meetings this week with local chambers of commerce. I have to say, the people I’ve spoken with so far have been extremely helpful and very open to talking about the concept.

I mean I know we’re excited about the idea, but based on initial feedback it’s safe to say the business community ‘gets it.’

It only makes sense, Co-working in Northeast Ohio — whether its in Akron, Canton, Cleveland or Cuyahoga Falls — is good for business. Small business owners can step out of the isolation of working at home or in their local coffee shop. Interaction, networking and true business bonds are forged when people work together.

The hard part at this point, deciding where we’ll open our first location.

That’s right, I said ‘first.’ We may be thinking big here – but our goal is to open several locations within the next few years here.

The idea being, you sign up for one location – and like a gym membership – you’ll be able to work at any of other facilities. We think it’ll be perfect for people who travel a lot for their business. Not to mention, it’ll be fun to mix-it-up everyone once in awhile.

Work one day near your home in North Canton — the next day — work in Cleveland and then head off to the Flats. In fact, part of our vision is to launch facilities in each of the one hop locations out of CAK & CLE. So hopefully where you go, there’ll be an Office Space location there for you.

Yeah, yeah – big dreams and all. But that’s our plan at this point.

Of course, we have to open our first location here.

That’s why we’re meeting with the local chambers. To learn a little more about the communities and discover which one will be the best location for our flagship facility.

We’re looking for a location which fosters small business and the solo entrepreneur and which already has a strong and active community in which to plant our roots.

I’ll keep you posted on our discussions later this week and what we’ve learned.

photo credit: gwdexter

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