Co-working isn’t merely a shared office. It’s about conquering the loneliness of being a free agent, enjoying your working life and forming deep connections with colleagues in similar industries, with whom you can share knowledge and forge new ideas.

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Co-working is the future according to The Journal Evening Gazzett in the UK.

Herb Kim is CEO of Codeworks, a centre for digital innovation based in the North East, and the author of the article quoted above.

Herb calls out that Co-Working is still the bastion of forward thinking individuals. However, given the consistent push of employees out of the office and into our homes, the interest in co-working, office sharing or whatever you want to call it is only going to grow.

I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I believe Northeast Ohio, while maybe late to the party, will be one of the fore runners in the co-working movement.

Cleveland, Akron, Canton – we were one of the first areas to receive broadband access, thanks to being an early test bed for Time Warner’s Roadrunner service.

We’re early adopters to new technology and new ways to do things and the more I work with the local community the more I learn, we’re on the precipice of something big.

If you’re interested in getting co-working going in Northeast Ohio, Akron, Canton, Cleveland, or Cuyahoga Falls… please contact us.

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